#Immunity Debugger PDK v1.03

Long ago in November 2008 I created an unofficial Immunity Debugger PDK, and I have now updated it in 2011 for the Immunity Debugger v1.8x plugin format changes.

Plugins created with this PDK are compatible with old and new Immunity debugger, and also OllyDbg v1.10 and it's many variants (OllySND, OllyDRX, CiM's Olly, OllyShadow etc)

No modification (like my FixPlugins tool) is needed for this compatibility, just copy to the plugins path for the debugger and it will be in the list. A simple plugin is included - WinMax - which you can use to test in your debugger versions. As always, full source is included for the PDK and example plugins.

If anybody wants to convert the PDK into another language then please do, but please send to me for inclusion in the distribution.

Technical details: The PDK contains initialization code that will alter the Exports in memory to suit the debugger that is loading the Plugin. The debugger is first detected using a simple test. The usual implicit Imports are instead dynamically resolved during initialization, which allows the use of any name for the debugger exe - useful if some program is looking for default debugger process names.

This project has been kindly mirrored by corelanc0d3r on his site, which can be found [here](https://www.corelan.be/index.php/security/mirror-for-bobs-immunity-debugger-projects/)