#Immunity Debugger Plugin Fixer Tool v1.01

This is a small tool to convert old Immunity Debugger plugins to be compatible with the Immunity Debugger v1.8x changes. The tool also works with OllyDbg plugins, and comes with full source.

Simply drop old plugin(s) onto the FixPlugins.EXE and a new file will be generated which will have Imports and Exports fixed to be compatible.

Technical details: The imports are first converted to ordinal values, and then mapped to the new ordinal order using a simple table. For OllyDbg also the module name is changed to be "ImmunityDebugger.exe". The exports are simply incremented (skipping the old underscore) for Immunity Debugger, and in the case of OllyDbg Plugin then the prefix is rewritten to be "IMMDBG_".

NOTE: This tool makes modifications to the PE headers of the file, thus it will not work with compressed plugins!

NOTE2: Not all OllyDbg plugins will work, specifically the ones that patch OllyDbg - obviously because it will patch the bytes of Immunity Debugger instead of OllyDbg!

NOTE3: Some structures are changed in ImmunityDebugger plugins so further work is needed to fully convert them. EG: OllyHeapTrace

This project has been kindly mirrored by corelanc0d3r on his site, which can be found here

#Fixed plugins

Here are some plugins I converted earlier, just put in your Immunity Debugger Plugin path: