#Immunity Debugger Projects

Immunity Debugger is a branch of OllyDbg v1.10, with built-in support for Python scripting and much more.

Over the years I have created a few OllyDbg and Immunity Debugger plugins, but the most annoying part of creating plugins for these debuggers is the amount of incompatibilities between Immunity Debugger and OllyDbg (and the many patched variants of OllyDbg)
Usually you must make 2 or 3 versions to allow use with OllySND or Immunity Debugger or OllyDbg v1.10 etc..

There is no need for this anymore, for I have created the following open-source projects:

  1. Sometime in 2008 I created an unofficial Immunity Debugger PDK, and have updated it in 2011 for the v1.8x changes to plugins.
    Plugins created with this PDK are compatible with all versions of Immunity Debugger and OllyDbg, without altering the plugin.
    See PDK Page for full description and download.

  2. For those old Immunity Debugger plugins, and also for OllyDbg plugins, there is a small conversion tool that will convert those plugins to the new format of the Immunity Debugger v1.8x plugins.
    See FixPlugins Page for full description and download.

Both of these projects have been kindly mirrored by corelanc0d3r on his site, which can be found here