Plugin Master v1.00 Documentation

#### Plugin Master v1.00 [BETA] ####  By Neil HippieKiller (in 2006 or 2007)

  Supported Plugin Types:                                           Supported Features:
    PEiD                 -         Convert Plugin -> Exe
    PE Explorer          -                   Convert Plugin -> Exe, Convert Plugin -> PEiD Plugin
    PE-Tools             -                       Convert Plugin -> Exe, Convert Plugin -> PEiD Plugin
    DiE                  -                   Convert Plugin -> Exe, Convert Plugin -> PEiD Plugin
    RDG Packer Detector  -                Convert Plugin -> Exe, Convert Plugin -> PEiD Plugin
    Immunity Debugger    -  http://www.ImmunityInc.Com/               Make Plugin work with all OllyDbg variants
    OllyDbg 1.10         -                    Make Plugin work with all OllyDbg variants
    SnD OllyDbg          -  http://Tuts4You.Com/                      Make Plugin work with all OllyDbg variants
    DeRoX OllyDbg        -  http://Tuts4You.Com/                      Make Plugin work with all OllyDbg variants
    FOFF Team OllyDbg    -               Make Plugin work with all OllyDbg variants
    PECompact Codec      -                        Detection only..
    PECompact Hook       -                        Detection only..
    PECompact Loader     -                        Detection only..
    Quick Unpack         -  http://Tuts4You.Com/                      Convert Plugin -> Exe, Convert Plugin -> PEiD Plugin
    Quick Unpack OEP     -  http://Tuts4You.Com/                      Convert Plugin -> Exe, Convert Plugin -> PEiD Plugin
    ImpRec Tracer        -  http://Tuts4You.Com/                      Detection only..
    LordPE Dumper Engine -                       Detection only..
    SoftSnoop            -                       Detection only..



    Simply select plugin DLLs in explorer and drop onto main window, or press the Add Plugins button
    Also if PEiD, PE Compact etc is detected as installed, pressing right-mouse button on the list will add plugins from that program



    This program enables the user to easily see what a plugin's filename is, and real name through calling plugin exports, then you can rename plugin DLLs to have more descriptive names..
    Also there is ability to delete plugins, sort the list in different ways, and easily see which plugins are for PEiD or PE-Tools etc
    Duplicate plugins can easily be found by sorting the list by name, wrong format plugins by sorting type..
    Note: ImpRec.DLL is not a PEiD plugin, but it is required by some PEiD plugins, and should NOT be deleted!


Plugin -> Exe

    Includes a new version of my PluginToExe code to convert the different Plugin DLLs into stand-alone Exes..
    For conversion to exe, it is possible to add an Icon (and automatically any Version or Manifest resources existing in plugin) to the Exe..
    This feature works with PEiD, PE Explorer, DiE, PE-Tools and RDG plugins!
    Note: You can replace Default.ICO with any icon you want to use instead..  Delete icon to have original Default.ICO recreated..
    Note: Convert original plugin type to Exe, NOT plugin converted to PEiD..!


Plugin -> PEiD Plugin

    You can convert other plugins to PEiD type plugins too, so they can be used with any version of PEiD (or clone that can use PEiD plugins)..
    For this feature, rather a lot of stuff is added (Imports, Exports, Relocations, LoadDll Export Code, DoMyJob Export Code and a DLL Entrypoint code!)
     so it will probably not work with packed plugin files.. :)
    This feature works with PE Explorer, DiE, PE-Tools and RDG plugins!


Olly Multi-Loader

    This feature works with ImmDbg, normal OllyDbg, SND-OllyDbg, TeamFOFF-OllyDbg, DeRoX-OllyDbg and many other patched versions of OllyDbg 1.10..
    A small loader is added to the Plugin DLL which enables the plugin to be used with any of the supported OllyDbg-Based debuggers..
    Export names are prefixed with "_AnyDbg_" so you can easily see in PEiD that a plugin has been processed..
    Once processed, the resulting plugin is compatible with all known (to me) OllyDbg variants..
    Just copy the resulting plugin DLL into the OllyDbg / ImmDbg Plugins dir..  (Or use same Plugins dir for many OllyDbgs)

    - If you have version of OllyDbg that this fails with, please send me the OllyDbg.exe and a working plugin..


Maybe ToDo:

    PiD (If they ever release a PDK)
    Support other Plugin formats (Any suggestions ?)



    1. If not already unpacked, you must unpack some plugin DLLs before processing..  Check in PEiD that compiler is detected, not a packer..
    2. This program reads it's own PE header and PE structures to process Loaders, so DO NOT pack the exe or it will not work!
    3. If no name is displayed for Olly plugins, try unpacking plugin (or put the OllyDbg.exe in same dir as Plugins or PluginMaster.EXE)..

  Bug reports, Suggestions etc to BobSoft@GMail.COM    -- Don't ask me to unpack plugins, goto http://Tuts4You.Com/ and learn how to do it yourself..

  Have Fun!
  Neil (Sometimes BoB)